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Personal Guide (Melaveh)

When coming to Israel on a pilot trip or upon making Aliyah, there are an untold number of tasks that the “Oleh Chadash” must undertake. Government offices or public institutions must be contacted, appointments made, and general chores carried out. All this requires time and effort to be accomplished.

Paveway created a special task force to help new immigrants deal with all this turmoil and also have fun. We can provide you with a personal guide (male or female) who will be at your service to help you carry out all these tasks.

What our Personal guides can do for you


Set You Up Before You Arrive

We Can

  • Setup appointments
  • Find you a apartment
  • Advise on a community
  • Furnish your home
  • Supervise renovations
  • Purchase a car for you
  • and more...
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Help You Out Once You Are Here

We Can

  • Help you with chores
  • Set up an itinerary
  • Help pay your bills
  • Act as your personal secretary
  • Assist with Hebrew documents
  • Schedule appointments
  • and more...
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Accompany You to Various Offices

We Can

  • Help you find a store or government office
  • Advise on transportation to get there
  • Accompany you to appointments
  • Act as an interpreter
  • and more...

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Personal Guides (Melavim) Services

Free introductory meeting

Hourly Rate

Presidential Package

Your personal assistant will act as your secretary to set up an itinerary for you, schedule appointments, and actually accompany you to the various offices to act as a translator and as a facilitator on your behalf.

What could be easier than that?

We know it well how, as a newcomer, every challenge is magnified. But even simple things like finding a store location or knowing the best mode of transportation to get there become much easier when you have an experienced local taking you there.

Dealing with the red tape and bureaucracy is stressful, so having your personal guide deal with it has an incredibly calming effect. It’s crucial to have all the necessary documentation before you arrive at the appointment, and your trustworthy officer will make sure you don’t forget anything.

For all your tasks, a Paveway personal guide will help give you a lot of peace of mind as you go about your business in becoming a naturalized citizen in the Holy Land of Israel.

Trust us, you won’t regret it!

Senior Melavim

Personal Guides

Shmuel Margolis

Made aliyah from England
42 years ago.
Rich experience in Banking and Computers.
Worked in the government sector.
Fluent Hebrew speaker. 


Mina Stern

Made aliyah from Melbourne, Australia 27 years ago.
M.A degree in history and was an English teacher for many years. Currently works as a tour guide in Yad Veshem.
Special expertise in navigating bureaucracy, especially in the field of education.

Kobi Cooper

Kobi Cooper

Made aliyah as a lone soldier from Philadelphia in 1994. After an extended post-army trip came back to Israel in 2005. Essentially was through the aliyah process twice & happy to help you through it as well. Works as a licensed tour guide of Israel since 2008. Speaks native English, Hebrew & decent Spanish.

My wife and I were afraid of going to the bank because we didn't know a word of Hebrew.
But thanks to our escort, we actually didn't need it (though we are learning now).

Aharon Rosenberg

Common Questions

Your personal liaison officer, known in Hebrew as a “melaveh” can become your trustworthy Aliyah companion. They will listen sympathetically to all of your ordeals, give experienced advice, and help steer you to reliable service providers. They can also act as you’re your personal secretary by setting up appointments for you, translate into understandable English, and if needed, can actually run around or accompany you to the various offices.

The Paveway personal guides (melaveh) are olim themselves who have already navigated the system and learned the hard way from personal experience. They are often trained professionals with expertise in one or more areas. Paveway hand selected them as being street smart, sensitive, and caring individuals. The Paveway staff will try to match you up with a companion who is of similar background so you feel comfortable calling upon them.

A) The oleh does not feel overwhelmed that they have to go about making Aliyah all by themselves!

B) You feel less stressed just knowing that someone “has your back”.

C) The melaveh has “been there, done that”already. They can spare you much aggravation and help save you valuable time, money and energy.

D) They have your best interest in mind (unlike some greedy storekeepers) and can help you make wise decisions.

E) They can physically go with you to run your errands to translate and negotiate on your behalf.

F) You can confidently send a trustworthy person to carry out personal errands for you even if you can’t be there yourself. This is a service of immeasurable value, only for Paveway members.

Israel’s system that professes to love Aliyah unfortunately seems very unsympathetic to the olim themselves. There is much bureaucracy and red tape that must be dealt with. The oleh sometimes feels like a “case” instead of a person and their particular situation is rejected with cold law protocol instead of understanding the spirit of the law. The melaveh will do everything in their power to help you overcome any challenge or dilemma.

You can purchase hours of assistance from our Liaison officers or a package deal. You can also purchase after the free introductory meeting. See Liaison Officers Services to get started.

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Send us a message about what we can do to help you get settled here in Israel or what you need setup before you arrive and we will schedule a free initial consultation.

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