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Service Ordering Agreement

I / we hereby confirm and represent before Olim Paveway as follows:

  1. I / we wish to be referred and connected by the company with service providers as specified in Appendix A to this agreement.
  2. In addition to the above, it is mutually agreed that the company’s services will also include the provision of personal support, as required and requested by us, by professionals, service providers and any other entity necessary for our rapid acclimatization in Israel.
  3. We acknowledge and agree that any engagement through Olim Paveway as aforesaid is under our sole responsibility and we shall have no right of action or claim of damages against Olim Paveway.
  4. We acknowledge and agree that Olim Paveway will provide support and supervision services regarding and relating to engagements with the suppliers and the obtainment of the services requested by us.
  5. In the event of a problem with a provider and/or with the obtainment of services, we must inform Olim Paveway in order to obtain its assistance in solving the matter, to the extent it is capable of solving such problem.
  6. In the event of disputes arising from the provision of the service provided by Olim Paveway, including the use of the information presented by it, such will be governed and subject to the laws of the State of Israel, and none other.
  7. The authorized courts in the city of Jerusalem will have exclusive jurisdiction.
  8. It is acknowledged that Paveway’s Service Provider service is provided to us with no additional charge, and we thank them for that.

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