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In-depth Review of Olim Paveway’s Services

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How Our Services Can Make Your Aliyah Much Easier

Did we mention Aliyah is a great thing?

Ok, now that we have that covered, we want to make sure you are well prepared to arrive in Israel. Aliyah is not for the faint of heart and we know how many obstacles can appear during the process. We know how often Olim can be dismissed and they might be left in need of support. We know how sometimes they end up getting into bad deals by unscrupulous sellers or led to accept a lower quality service because they don’t speak Hebrew so well.

It was with all that in mind that Olim Paveway was founded.

So, what exactly do we do? We hope to clarify it with this little article and give you some “chizuk” (encouragement) in pursuing your Aliyah dream.

Here is a little digest of what we offer and how different we are:

1. Paveway can appoint a Melaveh (liaison officers) for you

This Melaveh will help you deal with Israeli bureaucracy. He can be hired on an hourly payment, based on whether he works from home or goes out on errands. Meaning, he can either work by giving consulting and calling government offices or personally taking you to places you have to be like the Misrad HaPanim, Misrad HaKlita, or visiting a certain property to see if it’s appropriate to you. Each Melaveh has a specific geo-location area of action and specialty. You can find the Melavim pricing table here.

2. Paveway brings you exclusive offers to aid you

We boast a network of hand-vetted service providers from many industries (Law, Finance, Advising, Business, Marketing, etc…) to support your business and personal life. This includes lawyers, asset managers, designers, marketers, strategists, buyers, and a lot more! These are service providers that we have chosen specifically for their great quality and fair pricing. We have very high standards for choosing the businesses we support here in Israel and if you ever have a problem with them, you are welcome to file a complaint for us to investigate the matter. Check out our service providers’ page here.

3. Paveway helps you before and after Aliyah

That’s right, we help you from the time you are making preparations and continue to help you once your land in Israel. Whether you are an Oleh Chadash or simply thought about making Aliyah, we are here for you. We don’t just ditch you when you arrive in Israel, but want to serve you to succeed and thrive here.

4. Paveway is here to help you until you settle!

Contrary to other “Aliyah Agencies”, our work begins when theirs end. We have a supportive community to give you tips, make business, and aid you in settling in Israel with its full glory.

As you can see, Paveway is different. We strive to go beyond and provide as much value to you, an Oleh Chadash or would-be Oleh, as we can.

We founded Olim Paveway with the concept of giving in mind and that’s what we do.

If you feel like having a meeting with us to learn more about our services, reach out to us at [email protected] or [email protected]

Chaim Apsan
Chaim Apsan

Chaim is the Interactive Media Coordinator of Olim Paveway. Having made Aliyah 8 years ago, he now works writing articles and taking care of the technical aspects of the website.

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