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Choosing a Place to Live in Israel: 5 Important Factors to Consider

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            There’s just so much beauty in the Land of Yisrael. We are blessed with an abundance of holy and natural places to visit but have so little time to enjoy them. And it’s precisely because there are so many different communities around the country that people get confused and don’t know where to settle. This can be the source of a lot of aggravation.

            Each place has its unique pros and cons and, sometimes, it’s difficult to decide where to build your future. As the Jewish homeland, the Land of Israel comes with opportunities for Jews of all walks of life. You just need to find out where you belong and go for it.

From our experience, very few people were actually happy to leave (what in Hebrew we call “Yeridah”, a descent) to be someplace else. So, in order to reduce the chances of this happening, we present you 5 main factors to consider when choosing a place to live in Israel.

1. The location’s attractiveness

It should go without saying that you are better off living in a place that you enjoy. The city you will be living in plays a crucial role in defining what type of experience your family will carve in Israel. This means not only having a pleasing scenery to the eye, but also having the necessary establishments nearby. How close are you kids’ schools to home? Do you need a car to do monthly grocery shopping? Are there buses nearby that take you wherever you want? Is it a dangerous area?

These are just some of the questions you need to answer before choosing a place to live.

2. Your religious affiliation

Of course, not all cities offer the same degree or type of religiosity that fits your lifestyle. While Tel Aviv has mostly irreligious Jews, Bnei Brak is filled with ultra-orthodox. You will want a place where you can find a community and fit, while at the same time, feel comfortable going about everyday life. This will obviously have an effect on your capacity to making new friends and finding job.

The only exception is Jerusalem, where you can be certain you will find a place to fit in no matter what type of life you live. Nevertheless, even in Jerusalem, there are areas that are more or less religious. For example, Mea Shearim is known to be an ultra-orthodox neighborhood while Kiryat Moshe is more dati-leumi. Some neighborhoods also mix everyone together and have a special charm to them.

Therefore, be sure to look into it carefully before making the move.

3. Relatives or friends that live nearby

As we explained in another article, it’s very important to have good contacts. Relatives and friends can be a great help since they can make our life better, and often invite you to Shabbat meals, which for some people can be quite convenient. In Israel, it’s more customary to ask relatives and friends for help, such as a loan or work opportunity.

They can also refer to you valuable contacts, such as plumbers, nannies, handymen, and all sorts of professionals that will make your life a lot easier.

4. Job opportunities

Sometimes, a great job opportunity can define the place where you will live. It’s understandable, after all, we all need parnassah (sustenance) in order to thrive. Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Ra’ananah, Beit Shemesh and Ramat Gan are known to be big business centers so, if you will be working in the high-tech field or anything related, you will want to be close to these cities. Unless it’s work that could be done remotely, in which case you could pretty much live anywhere you want. Except that…

5. Cost of living

While it would be amazing to be able to settle anywhere you want, the truth is that you still have to take into account the cost of living. Included in this are the cost of school and universities, the cost of going out and, of course, the rent. It’s been said that Tel Aviv has become the world’s most expensive city, but even there one can find cheaper neighborhoods.

When making Aliyah, remember to take the proper considerations. It will save you time and money and remove a lot of frustrations that might arise!

We bless that you should be successful in settling in Eretz Yisrael and that your trip should be smooth and easy. And, of course, Olim Paveway is with you all the way.

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Picture of Chaim Apsan
Chaim Apsan

Chaim is the Interactive Media Coordinator of Olim Paveway. Having made Aliyah 8 years ago, he now works writing articles and taking care of the technical aspects of the website.

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