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6 Tips to Finding a Job in Israel

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How to make the most out of your job search in Israel

Finding a job in Israel can be frustrating, but there are ways to mitigate your suffering. Each country has its traditions that people follow when looking for a job. As it turns out, there’s a unique way to approach the job search in Israel, which you should take note of.

Don’t worry, though finding you a job is not our main business, Paveway has some useful tips for you! Follow along with this little guide to learn how to speed up the process of finding a job in Israel.

1. Networking

Networking with family and friends is a great way to find job opportunities in Israel and get that shortcut. There’s nothing wrong with it. And who knows? Maybe your friend’s cousin’s husband’s mother knows someone who needs your skills in their company. Or maybe that friend’s acquaintance from shul knows the CEO of that dream company. Whatever the case, we are all more or less family here in Israel and most people are willing to lend a helping hand even to someone they don’t know so well.

2. Headhunters

Headhunting websites abound and they can help you find the ideal job. You can find headhunters on LinkedIn and Google searches fairly easily.

One thing you should keep in mind is that, while headhunters are here to provide a service (for free nonetheless), they still expect to create a long-term relationship with you. They can often contact you long after you got a job, just to check on you and help you find other work if you need it.

Not only that but they are also likely to give you valuable recommendations on your CV, which brings us to the next point…

3. One CV for each job

While companies may be looking for the same position, they might have different requirements. For example, two organizations might need a Marketing Manager, but one’s more focused on LinkedIn for their lead generation funnel and the other on Facebook. These are somewhat similar tools, but they require very different ways of approaching potential clients.

This is crucial to know because you need to adjust your CV according to the situation to prominently feature the most important skills for each case.

Yes, this can be a drag, but make sure to keep at least 3 models of your CV, one focusing on one area of expertise, and make small changes for each application.

4. Research the company

In Israel, people tend to pay attention to details. As such, it’s important to avoid embarrassing situations in which you say you’d be a great trampoline salesman when the company deals with truck spare parts. This might be an exaggeration, but Israelis are proud of their companies and often foster a family sentiment inside them.

Many jobs require you to know more or less what every part of the organization does (though, not so much in-depth). Since companies here generally operate in a very cost-effective way as part of their strategy, they may expect you to be already well-acquainted with how they operate.

5. Bring a really positive attitude

Few things can turn off your employer more than acting like a chilazon (the Biblical slug used for making the dark blue tchelet color) and having a weak handshake or downtrodden face. Israelis expect energy, enthusiasm, and proactivity no matter what you do because there’s always plenty to do daily. Often, during the interviews, they will analyze whether candidates can think outside the box for a certain problem or if they have the integrity to simply say “I don’t know”.

But perhaps one of the most important things is to be able to work in a group setting, to be able to listen and to display strong leadership traits. Therefore, make sure to sleep well the night before the interview and bring your best disposition.

6. Follow up

Israelis are known to be constantly busy. So, it’s okay (or at least understandable) if they said they’d be in touch in a week and not get back to you in a month. Things get in the way and sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of them. So, don’t take it personally, be a true Israeli and call them back without an invitation! Besides reminding them of you, it will also show you are very much interested in the job.

Remember that finding a job is difficult no matter where you are. While you might need to make some concessions (we all do), everything happens for the best. The job market is vibrant and full of opportunities.

Therefore, don’t worry, Israel is a land where many people find miracles on a weekly, and even daily, basis. And Paveway is here to help you with your Aliyah project to run it as smoothly as possible!

Picture of Chaim Apsan
Chaim Apsan

Chaim is the Interactive Media Coordinator of Olim Paveway. Having made Aliyah 8 years ago, he now works writing articles and taking care of the technical aspects of the website.

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